Many of the systems we put into operation pay for themselves within two years or less. In some cases, and taking into account subsidy measures, very interesting and highly economical ROIs (return on investment) can be generated. In addition to financial priorities, customer requirements are increasingly becoming the criteria that oblige us to make energy and CO2 savings. Furthermore, many of the measures mentioned have considerable marketing value and enhance the image of the company, both from the customer's and the employee's point of view.

We offer you turnkey solutions that save resources and reduce your production costs in the long term.

Efficient generation of process energy:

Production and coating operations require large amounts of energy. Whether thermal, electrical or a combination of both.  

Depending on the requirements, it is possible to reduce the use of fossil fuels, switch to biological alternatives or use hydrogen and renewable energies.

Heat recovery:

A lot of energy remains unused these days: There is often a real and economic possibility of using energy from heat recovery systems.

Cooling water, process exhaust air, surface temperatures, flue gases or waste heat from compressors can all be used for this purpose.

By making small interventions in the existing system, solutions can be generated that can, for example, relieve the burden on the production of process water at the production site.

Another area of application for this recovered thermal energy is hall heating or even cooling.

Under certain conditions, it is economical to convert the thermal energy into electrical energy using an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC for short).

Photovoltaic systems including roof renovation:

Many industrial roofs are still unused. Why? In many places, the obstacle is the condition of the roof. Before a PV system can be planned or installed, the roof has to be extensively renovated. We offer to take over this process on a turnkey basis. With the support of experienced civil engineers and architects, services can be tendered and monitored professionally and safely. You and your requirements decide whether you want a thermal refurbishment or just the roof cladding to be repaired.

A photovoltaic system is then installed and commissioned, which is guaranteed to reduce your electricity costs for 30 years.

Of course, PV modules can also be used as a curtain wall.

Wastewater treatment and processing:

Not only energy, but also water (drinking water) plays an important role for manufacturing companies. Especially for coating companies and paint stores, the drinking water supply and waste water treatment play an essential role in order to clean, passivate and activate.

Every year, very large quantities of drinking water are required, consumed in the company and disposed of back into the sewer system with the addition of chemicals.

We offer you the solution of treating the production waste water in such a way that you can dispense with the use of chemicals and ensure that you can use most of the water in the cycle.

Another immense factor is that the personnel costs for wastewater treatment are considerably reduced.

Process exhaust air treatment:

The regulations according to TA-Luft (Technical Instructions for Keeping the Air Clean) and BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act) are strict. The options for exhaust air purification are limited, expensive and energy-intensive.

We offer you the possibility of optimizing or even shutting down these peripheral systems by using technologies that reduce the pollutant load in the exhaust air while using considerably less energy.

This technology can save immense resources and money every year, particularly in coating and painting operations.

Hall heating and cooling:

Do you still heat with natural gas radiators?

This type of hall heating, which used to be cost-effective, is not efficient. The heat sources are often many meters above the floor, the occupied and working areas, which prevents any noticeable heat gain through radiation. In addition, a considerable proportion of the heat energy rises to the roof, where it is not needed.

Depending on the size and use of the hall, we offer ventilation and extraction systems that meet the requirements and work efficiently. The use of energy lost from production also ensures savings in terms of investment and primary energy.

Compressed air leak detection:

Compressed air is almost always needed. Many automated processes are driven by pneumatics. Many leaks remain undetected and cost the company every single hour of liquidity.

We offer to locate these leaks and mark them with a monetary loss. After our site inspection, you will receive a report that shows and evaluates every leak detected.

Afterwards, in-house maintenance or a partner company of savING. fix the leaks.

This measure usually pays for itself after a few weeks.

Of course, combinations of the systems listed are also possible.